Mildenhall Greyhound Stadium

Mildenhall Greyhound Stadium, a greyhound track in Suffolk, England, offers up to four exciting greyhound races per hour.

Mildenhall Greyhound Stadium features a 280-yard banked shale track with concrete terracing around half the track and grass banking around the rest. The home straight has a large covered grandstand with a tea bar.

Aside from greyhound races, Mildenhall Greyhound Stadium is also a venue for speedway and stockcar races.

Stadium Capacity: 8,000 spectators

Stadium Data
  • Circumference: 325 meters
  • Hare Type: Outside Sumner
  • Distance Raced: 220, 375, 545, 700, 870, 1025 meters
  • Run To First Bend: 70 meters
Stadium Records
  • 220m: Lots of Jolly - 13.39sec 26 October 1993
  • 375m: Flashy Beo - 22.88sec 11 October 1996
  • 545m: Lady Small Paws - 33.76sec 26 February 2001
  • 700m: Trade Link - 44.44sec 7 October 1999
  • 870m: Barwise Smiler - 56.15sec 28 September 1998
  • 1025m: Dusty Image - 67.49sec 16 November 1994

Getting to Mildenhall Greyhound Stadium
Mildenhall Greyhound Stadium is located at Hayland Drove, West Row, Mildenhill, Suffolk, England.

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