Romford Greyhound Stadium

Romford Greyhound Stadium was named "Racecourse of the Year" in 1998 and 2003 by the British Greyhound Racing Board (BGRB), England's greyhound racing governing body.

Romford Greyhound Stadium, also called as Coral Romford Greyhound Stadium, has a 240-seat restaurant above the starting line and very close to the finishing line. The restaurant offers a majestic view of the whole track.

The stadium also has a fast food dining area that overlooks the kennels. This gives spectators and opportunity to watch the greyhounds coming out on parade.

Stadium Capacity: 4,300 spectators

Stadium Data
  • Circumference: 350 meters
  • Distances Raced: 225, 400, 575, 750 and 925 meters
  • Run to First Bend: 67 meters for both 400m and 575m races
Stadium Records
  • 225m Woodcroft Jo 13.38sec 27 June 2003
  • 400m Sandwichsunshine 23.58sec 27 September 1996
  • 400mH Rossa Ranger 24.17sec 5 July 2002
  • 575m Palace Issue 34.81sec 9 July 1999
  • 575mH El Tenor 35.53sec 19 February 1999
  • 715m Scurlogue Champ 44.18sec 16 April 1985
  • 750m Killeacle Phoebe 46.64sec 19 June 2001
  • 925m Salina 59.13sec 7 April 1981
  • 1100m Cregagh Prince 72.59sec 10 March 1987
Major Greyhound Racing Events
  • Puppy Cup
  • Essex Vase
  • Golden Sprint
  • Champion Stakes

Getting to Romford Greyhound Stadium
Romford Greyhound Stadium is located at London Road, Romford in Essex, England.

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