Sittingbourne Greyhound Stadium

Sittingbourne Greyhound Stadium, also known as Central Park Stadium, was built in 1995 at a cost of 6 million. The stadium occupies a 24 acre site in the Eurolink business development at Kent, England.

Sittingbourne Greyhound Stadium's running track has sweeping bends. Its well-maintained sand surface provides a safe course for the greyhounds.

Stadium Capacity: 4,750 spectators

Stadium Data
  • Circumference: 443 meters
  • Distances Raced: 265, 473, 642, 708 and 916 meters
Stadium Records
  • 265m Fast Ranger 16.20sec 24 November 1999
  • 473m Droopys Vieri 28.53sec 26 March 2000
  • 473mH Ballmac Keano 29.41sec 1 July 2001
  • 642m Lobo 39.96sec 7 October 1999
  • 708m Sumi Girl 44.32sec 27 November 1998
  • 916m Ericas Equity 58.09sec 17 August 2003
Major Greyhound Racing Events
  • Kent Derby

Getting to Sittingbourne Greyhound Stadium
Sittingbourne Greyhound Stadium is located at Church Road, Eurolink, Sittingbourne in Kent, England.

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