Flagler Dog Track

A legendary Miami attraction, Flagler Dog Track is a mixed-use facility that features live greyhound races and simulcasts, high stakes poker and even a flea market.

Flagler Dog Track is just a stone's throw away from key Miami landmarks such as the Miami International Airport, Downtown Miami and South Beach.

The track's facilities include a fully enclosed and air-conditioned clubhouse; an open-air grandstand that seats 7,000 spectators and overlooks the track; and casino-style poker rooms that offer seven different poker versions.

Track Data
  • Distance Raced: 3/16 mile, 5/16 mile, Flagler (1940 ft.), Marathon (2310 ft.), and the Supermarathon (2970 ft.)

Getting to Flagler Dog Track
Flagler Dog Track is located at NW 37th Avenue and 7th Street, Miami, Florida, USA.

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