Wonderland Greyhound Park

Wonderland Greyhound Park is a dog track in Revere, Massachusetts that offers year-round greyhound racing. Located 5 miles north of historic downtown Boston, Wonderland has continuously hosted greyhound racing since it opened in 1935.

Wonderland Greyhound Park annually hosts the sport's star athletes during two of the industry's premier open stake events - The Grady Memorial Sprint and the Wonderland Derby.

Wonderland Greyhound Park has featured more All-American greyhounds than any other track in the United States. Thirty-five All-American recipients have competed at Wonderland, including 18 Derby Champions.

Million dollar handles have been recorded in Wonderland Greyhound Park on the following dates:

  • August 29,1981 - $1,004,826 (Derby Night)
  • May 5,1983 - 1,004,740
  • August 11,1984 - 1,086,554 (50th Anniversary)
  • April 30,1988 - 1,025,928 (Grand Re-opening)

Track Data
  • Track Length: 1,320 feet
  • Track Width: 18 feet
  • Length of Stretch: 522 feet
  • Length of Straight Away: 381 feet
  • Composition: Sand and Clay
  • Hare Type: Alldritt inside Lure system
  • Distance Raced: 3/16 mile, 5/16 mile, Revere Course 2045 feet, Wonderland Course 2,310 feet

Getting to Wonderland Greyhound Park

Wonderland Greyhound Park is located at 190 VFW Parkway, Revere, Massachusetts, USA.

History of Wonderland Greyhound Park

Wonderland Greyhound Park was constructed on the site of the old Wonderland Amusement Park. The site had been converted from an amusement park to a bicycle track at the turn of the century.

More than 5,000 spectators watched Wonderland's opening night in June 12,1935. They watched Pansy Walker win the first-ever greyhound race, and Kop capture the inaugural. About $58,462 was wagered for the evening. Greyhound racing caught on instantly. On July 21st, 17 performances later, the handle topped $100,000, never to drop lower during the initial 100 night season.

For many years, only 100 Live racing performances were offered seasonally during the summer months. At the conclusion of Wonderland's meeting, most of the kennels and greyhounds would migrate to various Florida tracks for the winter. Today, racing is offered year-rounds, seven nights a week, 361 performances. Over seven miles of underground piping heats the track during Kansas' cold, wet winter months, allowing racing to continue uninterrupted.

Many of the greyhound racing's star athletes have graced Wonderland's oval, none more celebrated than the great Rural Rube. "The Rube" dominated the 1939 racing season, winning 19 times, and setting a world record of 31.00 flat for the 5/16ths mile.

On June 15,1939, 1,500 race fans and dignitaries paid to have dinner honoring the canine Superstar at the Copley Plaza in Boston. Seated at the head of the table with owner R.B. "Bud" Carrell, greyhound racing's Babe Ruth was presented a gold collar after devouring a steak. On August 30,1940, the legendary Rural Rube, who made greyhound racing in Massachusetts, retired to a standing ovation as he was paraded around the track, then presented a gold medal.

Wonderland All-American's

  • 1963 - Rinaker, Apparent
  • 1964 - Rinaker,Ruston
  • 1965 - Rock A Dee
  • 1966 - Rock A Dee, Golden Inn, Rusdale
  • 1969 - LB's Dallas Girl
  • 1970 - LB's Dallas Girl,Stanno
  • 1971 - Shur Lilly, Some Prairie, Evening Glamour
  • 1973 - Share Profit, Harold's Best
  • 1974 - Always Noisy, Stretch, Last Scotch
  • 1976 - Fabulous, Highway Robber
  • 1977 - Rooster Cogburn, Malka
  • 1978 - Malka
  • 1981 - Kingsford
  • 1982 - Ijustplanowinner
  • 1983 - BJ's Gentleman Jim, Profits Andy
  • 1986 - Prince Proper
  • 1987 - Prince Proper
  • 1988 - Ico Evan
  • 1991 - Bob's Tray
  • 1995 - Follies Bergiere
  • 1996 - Blazing Lady
  • 1998 - Granny

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